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Computer hardware and networks can be complicated when fixing, intergrating new things or buying a new system, this is where we step in. Tech Experts can advise you on exactly what you need, we can resolve your technical problems or fix and upgrade older systems. Since 1985 we have been there for many businesses, education centres and home users. Give us a call today and we will provide honest, techno-babble free solutions at an affordable price.
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Technical specialists on staff to help you with any computer needs.
  1. Advice
    Sometimes what you need are the "Words of Wisdom or Logic" that help you to see the big picture. Do you need on-site support? Is there somewhere you can look on line for a quick answer? We are more than willing to give you our expertise on issues that we can. And when we cannot, you will know that also.
  2. Repair
    This area is editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what makes you just that little bit special.
  3. Maintenance
    When the Core Competencies of a company are not in the area keeping its software and equipment up and running, that is where National Communications Company steps in. We assist in the planning and implementation of updates, modifications, changes and or simply replacing ink.
Technology is the backbone for our communications between systems, operations, sales and each other.  Successful companies embrace technology while also keeping the essential connections between humans at the forefront.   National Communications Company promotes the mutual role of our important human resource and the systems of technology that assist us.